Though our physical appearance may be great, our poor kidneys, heart and liver take the brunt of it. The future of your fitness journey is dictated by this one person. Our kidneys can tolerate only a certain amount of protein in a day. We ask them to have protein shakes but only after seeing their medical report. But then there are some steroids available easily over the counter which when taken even in small quantities can be harmful to the body.But Rana isn’t the only one resorting to extreme measures. A fitness instructor, only in moderate limits, can prescribe proteins for a fixed amount of time. She says, “There can be many reasons for suggesting a supplement, besides just gaining weight.”Rana DaggubatiThere are rumors that actor Rana’s illness has been caused by his stressful fitness regimen, which required him to take supplements to gain over 100 kgs for his look in the Baahubali series. Steroids are never prescribed as such.

And to avoid any medical issues, one must take a doctor’s opinion before starting the supplements. I personally believe in natural ways of being healthy. While the six-pack, toned arms and the perfect derriere look great, at what cost are you getting them? Body takes a beatingMore often than not, we tend to forget our trainers aren’t qualified medical professionals.In the quest for the perfect body and to look our best, the one person whose advice we blindly follow is our fitness trainer’s. Of course, if taken in excess, it will harm you. All this seems to have taken a toll on his body.“Taking wrong supplements can be hazardous. Though he doesn’t seem to have any health problems, experts say such China Wholesale Ice cleats drastic measures should always be supervised by medical experts and not just a fitness trainer. So, naturally, his/her nutrition and exercise commands are followed like the gospel. These can increase appetite and cause more muscle bulk. Despite many attempts to contact him, he wasn’t reachable.”He also feels the onus is on the clients, “Normally, fitness trainers never prescribe steroids to their clients. And once you’re there, to transform yourself into a Greek God, you put your trust in one person — your fitness instructor. We can only suggest, but the amount of intake should be prescribed by the doctor. We should let the body take that much of time because steroids do have a very bad effect on one’s health.

Steroids are hormones, which are naturally produced in the body. People can also choose natural protein sources like chicken, eggs and pulses to help muscle repair, but the process is longer. Whatever we consume, all the drugs are metabolised in the liver and excreted in the urine. The old and young both are suggested different supplements and the reasons can be many. Anabolic steroids can only be given by a doctor and not by a fitness trainer.—Dr Kiran Challagondla The third category is vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. “Supplements ordinarily do not damage a person’s body or hurt him, if taken in the right manner and in the right dosage. These things shouldn’t be given unless you understand the pathology of the patient. Celebrity fitness trainer Kiran DemblaA wholesome diet is keyA person’s age, weight, height, Basal Metabolic Rate and other things should be taken into consideration while prescribing supplements. Without that, we cannot proceed

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