Try to do three sets of 10 repetitions for each arm to get toned and strong arms while working your core throughout. In the West, Pole fitness among both men and women has been gaining traction and is fast becoming a competitive discipline. While going up always remember to engage the core and drive the movement from the core muscles rather than your arms. The pole is also a great prop to get you fit and strong to be able to do all that.4. The strong association of the word dancing with a pole immediately conjures up sensuality and everything that goes with that image. It is very easy to forget even pole dancers are super fit people who would put most serious fitness enthusiasts to shame.1. Try and do three sets of 10 repetitions, and add more sets as you get stronger. Pole Obliques A great way to work your obliques on the pole is by hooking your left knee around the pole while balancing on your right leg.

Pole reverse climbs Reverse climbs combine both core and upper body strength. Learning to control spins, turns and pivots, strengthen your muscles.The moment you mention Pole Fitness to someone, you lose them at the word pole.5. Pole fitness is for everyone, both men and women can perform exercise to get stronger, fitter and torch those calories in a short time. Place your arms above your head on the floor and push your hips into bridge position, using the foot on the pole to support. Lift your arms towards the ceiling, exhale and stretch away from the pole using your oblique abdominal muscles, inhale and come into the starting position. Depending on your fitness level, the other leg should be straight towards the ceiling or angled so that your foot is over your head. — The writer is a holistic wellness and fitness expert and founder of a fitness studio. Do three sets of 10 repetitions for each leg. Pole Squats To do pole squats, interlock your hands above your shoulders, keeping the arms straight while your feet are placed more than hip-width apart while being on your tip toes so that your knees are parallel to the ground. Pole Push-up Our upper body and core strength is closely interlinked and there is no better example to illustrate than the pole push-up.

Before you can think of doing Pole dancing you need a great upper body and core strength, inner thighs like steel and it also requires an incredible amount of coordination and balance. Lie down on your back and hold the pole with both your hands, engage the core and pull yourself off the ground, lift your Jump Rope factory feet towards the ceiling using the pole to stabilise yourself. Lie down on the ground, place a foot on the pole so that your lower leg is parallel to the ground.. 3. Single leg bridges Single Leg Bridges on the Pole not only look visually great but also are a very effective way of working your glutes as well as getting used to the more sensual moves on the pole.2. Inhale, keep your back straight and squat, and exhale and come back up to the starting position while your back is supported by the pole throughout. Do 10 repetitions and repeat on the other side. Feet hip-width apart, pull yourself close to the pole so that your shoulder almost touches it and push back so that you end in a squat with one hand on the pole, exhale and get back to the starting position.

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