With such businesses handled by him, he is surely one of the most sought entrepreneurs of our country. He is the man behind ‘Built Natural’, a sports brand which helps one to develop himself/herself in the best possible way through the eco-friendly technology. Fitnesss being his prime goal, the young man has some massive plans to expand his brand, ‘Built Natural’ not just in India but across the world.On his professional front, he has been a director of ‘JaiRaj Group of Industries’ which is extensively known for manufacturing automotive components & plastics products since the last 33 years. He has walked the ramp for Wills Fashion Week, India and is fondly called as the ‘Natural Indian’ by all his loved ones. Talking about his love for becoming a fitness blogger, Bhavaya said that he got a call from within with a sense of responsibility to China Home freezer reach out to people and let them know about fitness in detail.Despite being an entrepreneur, he is a very active fitness influencer and has appeared in many news channels and has also been featured in many news articles. Not just this, he aims to promote fitness through natural means, and he has been collaborating with various YouTube channels to make people aware of building body naturally and voicing against the use of steroids.Discipline is the key to everything and the best person who defines it is none other than Bhavaya Chawla – an entrepreneur, a fitness expert and a model.If fitness blogger was not enough, Bhavaya Chawla is also rocking big time in modelling and he has done several photoshoots with top brands like Nokia, Coke, Shivan & Narresh Swimwear, Paras Builders and many more
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Try to do three sets of 10 repetitions for each arm to get toned and strong arms while working your core throughout. In the West, Pole fitness among both men and women has been gaining traction and is fast becoming a competitive discipline. While going up always remember to engage the core and drive the movement from the core muscles rather than your arms. The pole is also a great prop to get you fit and strong to be able to do all that.4. The strong association of the word dancing with a pole immediately conjures up sensuality and everything that goes with that image. It is very easy to forget even pole dancers are super fit people who would put most serious fitness enthusiasts to shame.1. Try and do three sets of 10 repetitions, and add more sets as you get stronger. Pole Obliques A great way to work your obliques on the pole is by hooking your left knee around the pole while balancing on your right leg.

Pole reverse climbs Reverse climbs combine both core and upper body strength. Learning to control spins, turns and pivots, strengthen your muscles.The moment you mention Pole Fitness to someone, you lose them at the word pole.5. Pole fitness is for everyone, both men and women can perform exercise to get stronger, fitter and torch those calories in a short time. Place your arms above your head on the floor and push your hips into bridge position, using the foot on the pole to support. Lift your arms towards the ceiling, exhale and stretch away from the pole using your oblique abdominal muscles, inhale and come into the starting position. Depending on your fitness level, the other leg should be straight towards the ceiling or angled so that your foot is over your head. — The writer is a holistic wellness and fitness expert and founder of a fitness studio. Do three sets of 10 repetitions for each leg. Pole Squats To do pole squats, interlock your hands above your shoulders, keeping the arms straight while your feet are placed more than hip-width apart while being on your tip toes so that your knees are parallel to the ground. Pole Push-up Our upper body and core strength is closely interlinked and there is no better example to illustrate than the pole push-up.

Before you can think of doing Pole dancing you need a great upper body and core strength, inner thighs like steel and it also requires an incredible amount of coordination and balance. Lie down on your back and hold the pole with both your hands, engage the core and pull yourself off the ground, lift your Jump Rope factory feet towards the ceiling using the pole to stabilise yourself. Lie down on the ground, place a foot on the pole so that your lower leg is parallel to the ground.. 3. Single leg bridges Single Leg Bridges on the Pole not only look visually great but also are a very effective way of working your glutes as well as getting used to the more sensual moves on the pole.2. Inhale, keep your back straight and squat, and exhale and come back up to the starting position while your back is supported by the pole throughout. Do 10 repetitions and repeat on the other side. Feet hip-width apart, pull yourself close to the pole so that your shoulder almost touches it and push back so that you end in a squat with one hand on the pole, exhale and get back to the starting position.

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I can do my workout in a small space as well. So refrain from its use," he added. Steroids are not good.When asked about how he fits his fitness regime into his busy schedule, Salman reveals that he makes sure to take out time for it. Undoubtedly, you do need equipment and weights for a proper exercising and fitness regime, but your own body is the best weight if you don’t have any. I can’t dedicate two and a half hours in the gym regularly as I am travelling or shooting, so I fit it into whatever time I have," he concluded. We can say for certain that we have made all of this equipment better than others’," Salman gushed about his new venture at its launch event."Those who try to keep their body strong by using steroids should understand one thing very clearly: They need not use steroids at all. The actor recently launched a fitness equipment brand named Being Strong, and his family and co-stars all came out to support him and his Indian-made brand.The Dabangg star finds that all those who support his brand have a passion for fitness just like him. Whenever I get time, be it during lunch, after dinner, or inbetween my shooting schedules, I go and work out. "I do not have a fixed time to work out."The best part about our equipment is that it is made entirely in India.

Everyone who knows or knows about Salman Khan, also knows that his fitness is very important to him. Many people misuse steroids, which is really bad for their bodies b ecause it damages the kidney, liver and other important parts of our body as well. In these short durations I usually finish my leg exercises and then again when I get time I exercise my upper body.. If you guys do not stop the usage of steroids then remember ki aap jaldi nikal loge (you will reach a quick end). Unnecessary usage of steroids ruins your body, and you will collapse someday of a heart attack or whatever," he warned.However, the actor finds protein powders and supplements acceptable. In short, I do not leave any stone unturned exercising naturally. "Protein shakes and supplements are fine, but steroids don’t give you a natural body. Kettlebell with Rubber "All the fans gathered here are connected to health and fitness, and many inspire me to stick to my fitness regime. I too inspire them to stay connected to health and fitness, but I always advise people to create and maintain a healthy body in natural ways," he revealed, clarifying that he is vehemently against steroids and other unnatural stimulants.

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What if a few swirls every day for 30-minutes helped you shed those extra kilos you have been forever dreaming of losing? What is even more exciting is that you get to relive your childhood days by playing with a hula hoop. With alternate forms of fitness workouts gaining momentum in the city, being bored and not going to the gym is no longer an excuse one can offer and hula-hooping now seems to have caught the fancy of fitness enthusiasts in the city.For 35-year-old Swati Shah, what started off as a one-time workshop to share with friends turned into a medium to spread awareness and build a faithful fan following for this form of workout. "I had never hooped as a child but the fitness enthusiast and dancer in me decided to buy a hoop and give it Ice cleats a go — that was around three years ago.

That was when I discovered my rhythm within the magical circle and decided to share the simple technique with people around me. The urge to share got stronger when I saw my friends learn it in one session and feel exhilarated," Swati shares. At her Boho Fitness Club, she now conducts alternative fitness workouts that can be done anytime and anywhere. "I believe that one doesn’t need reasons to exercise. Fitness has to be on the go. One can exercise without making excuses even when they are travelling with the hoop, TRX suspensions and so on," she adds.Swati’s hoop army currently has over 1,500 active participants. "One workshop led to another. Then there were students who walked in and said it’s been their childhood dream to hoop, while some were nervous about trying it and felt they would make a fool out of themselves, many others just didn’t believe they could achieve it," shares Swati.But once they tried it, they couldn’t stop. "My classes begin with the belief, ‘absolutely everybody can hula-hoop, and everything is possible’. I promise them at the end of one session, they will all pick it up and that’s exactly what happens. Everyone feels ecstatic at the end of each session. They almost get addicted to the hoop once they learn it," she Swati.

Swati encourages hooping for fitness, dance, and fun. "In our workshops, we teach the steps which help you learn the skill and eventually dance with the hoop. For beginners we teach basic hoop movements, hand and waist coordination, and routine dance steps," she explains.Besides the fact that hooping is fun, it also has many fitness benefits. "It makes for a form of cardio, tones the abdominal muscles, is a stress buster, and over all, it makes you feel good. I realised this class after class as I received feedback from various students. A physiotherapist who came to my class said it aligns the posture and opens up the spine, and helps spinal flexibility. The main reason I love hooping is that it regresses you to childhood — that pure space where you can connect with your true self," she concludes.

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But as far as equating the dance form to vulgarity goes, both Shilpa and Smilly shrug, saying that it’s in the eye of the beholder. Out of sheer coincidence, I landed up in a pole dance class instead of an aerial one in Dubai, and it changed my life.Jacqueline isn’t alone. And it doesn’t help that special dance numbers in Bollywood have played to this image. I feel both feminine and masculine at once, and I have learnt to be in the present moment," she smiles.When you hear the words pole dance, for many a seductive dance performed by exotic dancers with lithe limbs in a dimly lit bar comes to mind."Men need to understand that the idea of pole dance needs changing, and women have to see the other aspects of the dance form — this isn’t just restricted to strip clubs," she signs off. "I was battling depression when I lost my parents," she opens up.However, pole dancing is gaining prominence in India, with a bit of a twist. "I have over 20 years of experience of teaching pole dance, and students mainly take this as a fitness form since it helps in strengthening the muscles and staying fit. But those who do, tell me that they feel like they’ve attended an exercise class and not a dance class," she grins. However, I notice that it’s only the educated professionals and not other people who take this up, because the awareness aspect is missing.

Fitness expert Shilpa Rane, a pioneer in bringing pole dancing to India, says she did so after discovering its fitness aspects. "Beginners can’t be taught the same steps as experienced ones, you know," Shilpa explains. "Pole dancing is a great way to work on your fitness abilities and your dance," Yami said."Deepika in Happy New Year.Perhaps one of the biggest proponents of this art form in Mumbai has been Kalyug actress Smilly Suri, who turned to pole dancing as a form of physical and mental exercise after a personal crisis.. "I found the purpose of my life. It’ll have you quite literally falling to the floor, and the pole can be very slippery," she says, explaining that a custom plan for each candidate is the need of the hour. The actress was shooting for A Gentleman’s song Chandralekha in Miami, when she hit upon the idea of incorporating pole dancing in it. "It challenges your fitness level a lot more. Yami Gautam too got applauded when she posted a few pictures and videos on her social media account, charting out fitness through pole dancing. "I’ve made it a part of my regime as it helps my fitness, as well as upper body strength," she said in an interview earlier.

Once thought of as a vulgar dance form, pole dancing has fast become Bollywood’s go-to for fitness workout regimes that not only help you feel good, but even look good. "It’s a very risky form, so please ensure your trainer is qualified.Smilly adds that it’s a proper work out routine that makes it feel like a sport to her. Besides being used to perform complex dance routines, a lot of Bollywood beauties China YOGA MAT factory are now swearing by pole exercises for a fitter body.Shilpa also has a few words of caution to give for anyone attempting to take up pole dancing for its fitness values. One even learns crisis management and how to live in the now," explains the actress and dancer, who is also hosting a pole fitness camp in Mumbai next month. And the rest, as they say, is history. "The dance form also helps one be fit and focused. "Back then, I was advised to do something that made me happy."Having had struggles with various health issues in the past, Smilly says she’s now fit, thanks to her routine. Not only was her performance appreciated, she’s found the benefits to the art as well.And one of these beauties is Jacqueline Fernandez. Having had learnt so many dance forms before, I wasn’t satisfied

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Though our physical appearance may be great, our poor kidneys, heart and liver take the brunt of it. The future of your fitness journey is dictated by this one person. Our kidneys can tolerate only a certain amount of protein in a day. We ask them to have protein shakes but only after seeing their medical report. But then there are some steroids available easily over the counter which when taken even in small quantities can be harmful to the body.But Rana isn’t the only one resorting to extreme measures. A fitness instructor, only in moderate limits, can prescribe proteins for a fixed amount of time. She says, “There can be many reasons for suggesting a supplement, besides just gaining weight.”Rana DaggubatiThere are rumors that actor Rana’s illness has been caused by his stressful fitness regimen, which required him to take supplements to gain over 100 kgs for his look in the Baahubali series. Steroids are never prescribed as such.

And to avoid any medical issues, one must take a doctor’s opinion before starting the supplements. I personally believe in natural ways of being healthy. While the six-pack, toned arms and the perfect derriere look great, at what cost are you getting them? Body takes a beatingMore often than not, we tend to forget our trainers aren’t qualified medical professionals.In the quest for the perfect body and to look our best, the one person whose advice we blindly follow is our fitness trainer’s. Of course, if taken in excess, it will harm you. All this seems to have taken a toll on his body.“Taking wrong supplements can be hazardous. Though he doesn’t seem to have any health problems, experts say such China Wholesale Ice cleats drastic measures should always be supervised by medical experts and not just a fitness trainer. So, naturally, his/her nutrition and exercise commands are followed like the gospel. These can increase appetite and cause more muscle bulk. Despite many attempts to contact him, he wasn’t reachable.”He also feels the onus is on the clients, “Normally, fitness trainers never prescribe steroids to their clients. And once you’re there, to transform yourself into a Greek God, you put your trust in one person — your fitness instructor. We can only suggest, but the amount of intake should be prescribed by the doctor. We should let the body take that much of time because steroids do have a very bad effect on one’s health.

Steroids are hormones, which are naturally produced in the body. People can also choose natural protein sources like chicken, eggs and pulses to help muscle repair, but the process is longer. Whatever we consume, all the drugs are metabolised in the liver and excreted in the urine. The old and young both are suggested different supplements and the reasons can be many. Anabolic steroids can only be given by a doctor and not by a fitness trainer.—Dr Kiran Challagondla The third category is vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. “Supplements ordinarily do not damage a person’s body or hurt him, if taken in the right manner and in the right dosage. These things shouldn’t be given unless you understand the pathology of the patient. Celebrity fitness trainer Kiran DemblaA wholesome diet is keyA person’s age, weight, height, Basal Metabolic Rate and other things should be taken into consideration while prescribing supplements. Without that, we cannot proceed

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Neomi Stringer, a professional and fitness fanatic says, "It’s nearly impossible to out run your fork. Whether it’s only diet or only exercise or both diet and exercise that works for them. Many don’t work on nutrition, and believe exercise can compromise or hold you off from paying your dues. A person needs six (small) meals a day for greater impact than just an hour of exercise. Exercise is needed to lead a healthy lifestyle but does not necessarily lead to weight loss. Weight loss can be achieved with a combination of a healthy diet and all-rounded exercise. Experts say that 70 per cent nutrition and 30 per cent exercise is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle."Since diet and exercise should go hand in hand, various factors that are out of our hands can come into play, for instance, a lack of time might make one only exercise or only diet Lincy Aravind, a mother of two feels.".

Even though it’s not much, I try to get in little exercise thanks to house chores, running around with my kids and sometimes cycling to get groceries," she says. Some foodies think by cutting down on portions, and by exercising one can maintain fitness goals. The human body needs at least an hour of exercise a day. Around friends or family, or during festivals, I tend to indulge. Jaisson Jagadeeshwaran, a gym trainer advises, "Good nutrition combined with physical activity can help one reach ideal weight, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Exercise can be physical activity like dance, cycling, swimming etc."Ryan FernandoRyan Fernando, a nutritionist believes that, "When a person takes up physical activity and a diet, they need to go hand in hand with each other. I ensure to keep energy levels up throughout the day. And the crux of the argument lies in — To diet or to exercise? Some are at the helm of the fitness craze and we asked them what they thought was the way forward.

Ronith Babu, a foodie says, "People tend to do a combination of both exercising and dieting. Finishing an early shift, I head straight to the gym. While experts claim that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a combination of both diet and exercise is needed, but people seem to have their own take on how to stay toned!Every big city is filled with places to dine out.There are two sides to China MINI BAR refrigerators every fad! At some point or the other, fitness buffs argue about the do’s and don’ts of their fitness regimen. In my opinion, a diet is actually negative, as it takes in less calories than the requirement of the body. Calorie control is more successful since exercise also tends to increase appetite. I advise people to learn to eat scientifically and to eat to their capacity. Resisting the temptation of indulging in some soul food can be quite a struggle. But on other days, I maintain a balanced diet of fresh juices, green salads, protein rich foods like soya, tofu etc.There are others who maintain a strict gym/exercise regime as the sole focus to attain their ideal weight. "Although diet and exercise are the best way to keep fit, going to gym to stay fit is not possible for me. I think one should cut down on the amount of food rather than cutting things out entirely. Results can be slower when you exercise without cutting down on food."Experts feels that exercising needs to be combined with a gym routine in order to stay healthy

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